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Kim Kardashian has cellulite - so what?!

Our celebs with cellulite posts are hear just to cheer you up - seeing this amazingly beautiful women having cellulite would, hopefully, make you also realize how irrelevant those small bumps and lumps are. :)

OK, except the inner beauty (and you are beautiful), when outer beauty is considered, cellulite is really a minor problem. You just have to learn how to accept it and how to carry it with grace.

This article is here to help you accept your cellulite. If Kim Kardashian, model under constant spotlight, can accept her cellulite, and simply say (I'll paraphrase) - I don't mind cellulite, I like my curves - why couldn't you??! Love your body, use it best as you can, dance, walk, swim, run, ride a bike, make love. :) Learn what is beautiful about your body, be proud of it. Confidence is the key.
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Cellulite detox

There are many possible reasons for cellulite to appear. Besides the inherited affinity to accumulating cellulite, our habits play a huge role. What we do, eat, and even how we feel, may have affect.

There are some food that might be helpful for getting rid of cellulite, but it's also useful to know what food you should avoid to prevent cellulite.

Basically, you should avoid too sugary and too oily food. Everything super processed is bad. Deep fried - don't even think about it. List goes on, but I'm sure you catch my drift. :)

For the detox part, on one hand you have to reduce the input of said food, and on the other hand, you should try implementing as much fruit, vegetables, unrefined and even raw food.

Especially good for detox are teas (like green tea), but don't add sugar, use honey instead. Also, juiced fruit like grapefruit, oranges and lemons, (or all of them together!) are really great.

It's nice to make a "detox day" at least once a month. Menu for such day would tipicaly look like this:

Breakfast (in early morning)
Juiced grapefruit (pure, no sugar, lots!)
Yogurt (instead for looking at the supermarket for the low fat one, try your luck at farmers market with some home made organic yogurt)

Soup (just veggies, no pasta, no cream)
Raw salad (sprouts, avocado)
Juiced fruit

Dinner (at least few hours before you go to sleep)
Green tea with honey

During the day (between the meals)
Green tea (or some other kind) - few cups
Fruit - apples, pineapples, grape, citrus, ...
Raw vegetable - tomatoes, cucumber, celery, ... (anything that could be eaten raw)

This is just one example, you could try many variations. Also, remember - it is "detox day" - after one day of detoxification you should continue with a normal diet.
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Cellulite and pregnancy

Could pregnancy induce more cellulite? Well, you'll surely gain some weight - that should not worry you; 80% of that newly gained weight you'll lose in the first few months after the birth. The good news is, you have no reason to think that you'll be more prone to cellulite during pregnancy than in any other period of your life.

However, pregnant or not, cellulite is something that is easier to prevent and cure.

While pregnant, many diverse methods of getting rid of cellulite can not work for you - you can not go on a diet, use any kind of "magical" pills (which I would not recommend anyway), go to arduous treatments, etc.

Here's the list of things you could do, easily at your home, for preventing and reducing cellulite while pregnant:

1. Walk. If there is no complication with your pregnancy, or not advised by your doctor otherwise, walking is a good way of preventing and reducing cellulite. It's recommended to walk for at least half an hour a day, but if you have enough time, even 2 or 3 hours a day would be great.
2. Massage. This specially goes for those areas already affected with cellulite.
3. Relax & enjoy. It's seriously considered that one causes of cellulite is stress. Pregnancy might be stressful for some, so try to enjoy in good sides of it. For relaxation you might use some steamy baths with salts, oils and essential oils like lavender, orange, grapefruit, rosewood, ... . Here you can check the list of home made cellulite remedies!
4. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. They contain necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as dietary fibers. Some of the best fruits for preventing cellulite are grapes, banana and pineapple.
5. Drink lots of water, unsweetened tea, juiced fruit like orange, grapefruit, yogurt.

These might sound a bit simplistic, but the hard part is making it all a habit. Simply said, there is no miracle, sophisticated, complicated way of preventing and getting rid of cellulite, but simply doing your best to adopt these habits as much as possible.
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You do not want your towels that soft, trust me ;)

Most of us try keeping our towels soft and fluffy. We use fabric conditioners, hot dry them, add Calgon tablets, add vinegar and so on. But, have you ever thought that you would actually benefit more with rough towels, than soft ones?

Here's how:
  • rough towles will remove dead skin cells from your body, leaving nice and soft skin underneath
  • rough towels will massage your whole body every day after the shower - helping your blood and lymph circulation
The massage you get is very useful, and what is even more important you will get a massage of your whole body, each and every day. Massaging really helps getting rid of cellulite, and the most important thing is to do it regularly. Using rough instead soft towels is a cheap, simple and effective way to remove cellulite and have beautiful legs.
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Kate Hudson - Celebs with cellulite

Another beautiful celebrity we can thank for these down-to-Earth photos. Now, we can feel better - all of us that don't have loads of money or a personal coach on disposal to fight cellulite. Kate, I'm glad you're with us :)

Anyway, if you are interested into reducing cellulite, here are some useful links and posts on how to remove cellulite at home, without loads of money, but rather on a shoestring:
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Lose cellulite while sleeping

Sounds like a miracle, joke or just bs, doesn't it? Well, Biotherm Celluli Night Patch is a new cellulite treatment that promises results in just 10 nights - yes, you understood well - it is supposed to work while you sleep!

The product launches a four pronged attack on orange peel skin:
  • fights the transformation of sugars into fats
  • fights trigger of the fat storage process
  • slows down drainage mechanisms
  • stimulates cellular renewal for enhanced receptivity and smoother skin
Celluli Night, an overnight treatment for the reduction of visible cellulite areas, works specifically in synchronization with the body’s biological clock.

Cellulite deposit time line:

TimeYour body
6am - 10amThe body awakens progressively. Drainage processes are facilitated.
10 am - 4 pmThe body is fully active. Fat-burning enzymes are working to transform food into energy.
4 pm - 8 pmThe body begins to tire and expends less effort. It is storing energy for later.
8 pmMore of what is consumed is transformed into fat. It is storing energy for later.

Celluli Laser Night should be applied to the affected areas in the evening. For additional benefits Celluli Laser Day is also available.

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