Make your own Sugar & Coffee anti cellulite scrub

Sugar & Coffee Anti Cellulite Scrub Recipe


  • 1/2 cup sugar (brown or granulated work well)
  • 1/2 cup table salt
  • 1/2 cup rough sea salt
  • 1 cup coffee granules that have been soaked in hot water (the used ones from your coffee percolator work well)
  • Olive, almond or avocado oil (any high quality fruit, not vegetable, oil)


  1. In an air-tight jar, mix together the sugar, the salts and the coffee granules.
  2. Add in the oil to give it a squishy texture.
  3. Rub all over skin in shower, rinse off. It is quite oily, so don't be alarmed.
  4. Pat skin dry with a towel and get into your nightclothes.
  5. Wake up to deeply nourished, babysoft, smooth skin.


  • This works particularly well in night-time showers, as the oils will sink into the skin overnight, deeply moisturizing it! (Ratios do not really matter, feel free to make variations, this is just a rough guide.)
  • Some people say the coffee (or rather, the caffeine in the coffee) could make this work as an anti-cellulite scrub when used at least twice weekly. For higher anti-cellulite and skin-nourishing, leave it on for 10 minutes on your thighs, while your thighs are wrapped in gladwrap. Can be messy, but results are well worth it!
  • You can also use the coffee grounds on their own with a little bit of olive oil added. Just make sure you rub them into your cellulite prone areas, in circular motion.
  • Do not use this on your face.
  • Be realistic in your expectations as to what this or any other external cream can do for cellulite. While the appearance of cellulite may improve by using it, to truly eliminate cellulite you may wish to speak to your doctor.
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