Food that helps cellulite reduction - grape

The grape:
  • low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium
  • high in vitamin C, vitamin K and minerals
  • acts as diuretic
  • cleanses your body of toxins
  • contains antioxidants - protects the skin
  • contains silica - tightens the skin
  • contains flavonoids - phytonutrients that appear to decrease the risk of heart disease

The nutritional value and health benefits of grapes:

  • weight loss
  • anti-aging agent resveratrol
  • maintaining optimum health
  • protection against heart disease
  • lowers cholesterol
  • enhances women's health - reduces the size of estrogen dependent breast cancer tumors
  • may lower risk of Alzheimer's disease - ingredient resveratrol is responsible for that
  • anti-aging agent
  • anti microbial agent
  • protective against food-borne illness
  • concord grape juice is ranked among the highest in antioxidant activity - other high scoring include apple, cranberry and grapefruit juice

The "French paradox"

Grapes and products made from grapes, such as wine and grape juice, may protect the French from their high-fat diets. Diets high in saturated fats like butter and lard, and lifestyle habits like smoking are risk factors for heart disease. Yet, French people with these habits have a lower risk of heart attack than Americans do. One clue that may help explain this "French paradox" is their frequent consumption of grapes and red wines.
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