Make your own sea salt anti cellulite peeling

Sea salt is very useful for your skin care and cellulite prevention and reduction - it contains many minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, iodine, iron.


  • Salt - crystal, non-refined salt
  • Oil - it is best to use olive oil
  • Simple kitchen salt will not do, as it is pure sodium chloride whose molecules strongly attract water from body cells, and thus slows their vital functions. Crystal salt, besides sodium chloride consists of trace elements, minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are good for your skin because they help matter exchange in skin and under skin.
  • Don't use vegetable oils (sunflower, soy...).
Use sea salt and oil peeling in a 100°F bath (38°C).

Sea salt and oil peeling benefits detoxification of body. It prompts metabolism, extraction of toxins, and eliminates excess water from the skin and connecting tissue, helps removing cellulite and has anti aging effect.
Sea salt acts on the principle of osmosis which is important for matter exchange in cells. cell liquid transfers from one cell to another, depending on which cell has greater salt concentration. Tissue is trying to achieve the equilibrium, and with water it extracts toxins also, and keeps minerals and other useful ingredients from the salt.

After this bath, you'll feel relaxed, rested. It will stimulate your blood and lymph circulation. All those effects are extremely positive for cellulite reduction.

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