Anticellulite cream ingredients

Here's the list of most often ingredients in anticellulite creams:
  • aminofilin (teophyilline), caffeine - they stimulate the metabolism of fat. It is not proven that they have any effect on cellulite.
  • vitamin A acid derivatives for local use - effective for healing wrinkles, but there is no proof that they affect cellulite.
  • various herbal ingredients - ivy, algae, chestnut, fruit acids, grape seed oil, soy lecithin, ginkgo balboa extract... - they moisture the skin, make it softer, and improve circulation.
Anticellulite treatment often involves use of some creams and lotions. It is very important to remember that those can be used only as help on your way. It is, for sure, better to use some aid in getting rid of cellulite, but most of it we'll have to do by ourselves.

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