New procedures to eliminate cellulite! #1 - ProLipo

ProLipo is a minimally invasive laser assisted procedure for use in melting and removing fat, firming skin and improving the appearance of cellulite.

ProLipo uses two lasers to liquefy and sculpt fat cells and is perfect for those who want to eliminate unwanted fat, get a more toned look and address specific problem areas.

The ProLipo procedure serves to sculpt and tone and is ideal for the patient who has thick arms, bra bulge, a paunch or rolls in the tummy area, saddle bags or thigh problems, jowls or a double chin that they want to reduce.

ProLipo basics:

  • FDA approved
  • minimally invasive laser-assisted lipolysis procedure
  • fiber-delivered laser energy to the target fatty tissue and cellulite
  • ideally used in combination with other lipotreatment modalities, but it can be used as a stand alone procedure
  • requires the use of tumescent local anesthesia, and does not require general anesthesia or intravenous sedation
  • minimal downtime and recovery takes only a couple of days
  • tightens skin through its collagen remodeling and neoformation effects
The coolness:
  • just few days to recover and shine
  • helps maintain firm skin, even tone and smoothness - this also helps cellulite to be less obvious
The alas:
  • costs - if you want to be beautiful you'll have to give few bucks more :)
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