How to get rid of cellulite - many solutions!

Of course, diets and exercises could help a lot in getting rid of cellulite, but here's the list of other things you could use:

Body creams and wraps for cellulite reduction: Body contouring creams and wraps work by hydrating the skin, tightening connective tissue, and eliminating excess water.

Massage for reducing and preventing cellulite: Deep tissue massage can help by stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems, ridding cells of excess fluids and waste.

Liposuction for removing cellulite: Plastic surgery offers solutions to a variety of body woes, but unfortunately, there is no procedure aimed specifically at cellulite. However, liposuction has been shown to help reduce the appearance of the dreaded dimples. Liposuction, which focuses on drawing out deeper fat stores, can nevertheless cause tightening under the skin, creating a smoother appearance on the surface.

Lasers for reducing the appearance of cellulite: Used to melt deeper fat stores, lasers heat up the surface area as well, causing collagen fibers to contract, and giving skin a firmer look. Lipotherme, the latest in laser techniques, uses lasers to liquefy fat, and then aspirate, or remove it, from targeted areas. This procedure has the added benefit of reducing the appearance of cellulite. This technique is so advanced that it requires no downtime afterward, and patients walk away with just a Band-Aid over the entry point.

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