Cellulite basics - The Pinch Test

To determine the stage of cellulite accumulation in your body you can use Pinch Test (also called Pinch Method). The test gives results from 0 to 4:

  • stage 0: When you pinch your skin you cannot see any cellulite. Also, when standing or lying down skin is smooth.
  • stage 1: When you pinch your skin you can notice dimples, but if you are standing or lying down your skin is smooth.
  • stage 2: There is an "orange peel skin" while you're standing, but still not while you're lying down.
  • stage 3: There is an "orange peel skin" also while you're standing or while you're lying down.
  • stage 4: Taking a Pinch Test hurts you, cellulite is clearly visible either you're standing or lying down.
What is your stage?
It's clear that different parts of your body can be at different stages by the Pinch Test. For example, on your arm you probably have negative result of the test - stage 0, while on your thighs you may have one of the positive results of the test - stages from 1 to 4.
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