How to drink 2 litres of water a day??!!!

For most of us 2 liters of water is a great amount. Most people drink maybe half of that. But, what is being proved again and again - water is essential for reducing cellulite. That means that we just have to find a way how to make it our habit.

My way is simple. If I stay at home, in the morning I take a two-liter bottle of water immediately and keep it on a convenient place - such as my desk or kitchen table. When I want to have a drink, I pour it from that bottle. It's good because I can always see exactly how much water did I drink.
But, if I go to work carrying a two-liter bottle all around, it could seem a little bit odd, so I carry around a half-liter bottle :) They're much smaller, therefor more convenient, but still they let you track the consumed quantity easily.

I find it more easy counting bottles than counting 8 glasses of water; I just lose track of them. Hmm, was it 5 or 6 glasses? Who knows? You could also say - who cares? But, there is a big difference.

Two problems:

1) Getting thirsty is a sign that you should have taken your drink already! In contrary to common belief that we should drink when we're thirsty, we should drink before we even get thirsty. Getting thirsty is considered the first stage of dehydration.

2) Normally, our body would need approximately one and a half liter of water, but if we want to improve our cellulite reducing and detoxication we should drink two liters. That may be hard to achieve at first, if our body is used to smaller amounts. Try consuming more and more water day after day.
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