The cellulite myth #1 - Only fat girls have cellulite?!

Absolutely NOT true! Even top models like Kate Moss have cellulite, and she is known for being extremely skinny! And, I can say for myself - I was always the skinny one. My friends started complaining about cellulite maybe just few years before it caught me, too.

So, to conclude - getting thinner won't save you from cellulite. If you want to get rid of cellulite you'll have to put much more effort, and change your habits completely - your eating habits, your exercising habits, taking more care of your body in total.
Don't use insane diets that will only make you skinny, and moreover - expose your cellulite even more! Yes, that is the sad fact.

On this blog I'll try to cover as much useful tips, advices, information for helping to reduce your cellulite bumps and lumps, stretch marks, ... and make your lower body look beautiful and healthy.
I'm still searching for the right way how to make this happen, so I'll try to cover as much different solutions, advices, informations I can find for getting rid of cellulite. Stay tuned!
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