Things you can do in solving the cellulite probelm- TODAY!

There are some things in cellulite prevention and reduction you can already start doing, as they take no big preparations, or money, or free time, but only your good will:
  • consume less coffee, alcohol and tea
  • consume less saturated fats and carbohydrates
  • exercise regularly
  • it's recommended to consume 75 % of your food in form of fruit, vegetables and cereals, and rest could be meat, eggs, fish, and fruits like almonds, walnuts etc.
  • take a shower with a short, gentle massage and finish it with cold water rinse up - this helps circulation and prevents cellulite accumulation

Analise your daily routine - what are the things you should change to adopt more positive pattern - a pattern that helps you preventing and eliminating cellulite.
Once you become aware how much your own behavior influences the accumulation of cellulite it should become easier for you to understand that finally you are that same person that can make a choice, and stand for it, - continue with habits that are bad for our body, or try the opposite - do something good for your body. Usually doing good for your body is also doing good for the cellulite battle - get rid off cellulite at last!
Your body is a temple, and it's time you start treating it like that!
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