Special fabrics for cellulite reduction - TexEnergy

Special Texenergy fabric woven with copper, zinc and silica fibres may help you reduce your cellulite troubles!

Microcirculation that is boosted from the combination of the copper, zinc and silica fibres in the active fabric called Texenergy Dol gives the benefits of electro-magnetic effects when in contact with the skin, helping to get rid of fat and cellulite.

Copper and zinc provoke biostimulation to restore microcirculation and help remove accumulated liquids, fat and cellulite. Copper is a good conductor of heat, and stimulates a micro-current when worn. Silica protects the skin by keeping it naturally healthy.

TexEnergy fabric - small scale

Twenty years ago, a bodysuit made of this Texenergy fabric was tested in hospitals in Italy for pain therapy, initially for pain in the hips and back.

Then its slimming effects was detected, as well as its ability for getting rid of cellulite.
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