Things you can start doing about cellulite - TODAY!

There are some things in cellulite prevention and reduction you can already start doing, as they take no big preparations, or money, or free time, but only your good will.

First, to begin with, you should be optimistic. It is something you can and will solve. After all, it really is not a big deal - it's an aesthetic problem. Just for a little part of story it would be more healthy to have less cellulite than more. Why is that so?

Cellulite is a type of body fat that is pumped out of fat cells, and therefor could not be used to produce energy from it. It's kind of a burden your body carries around and gives no advantages to its owner. But, other than the fact that cellulite simply is not useful, it's also harmless.

Eating habits - less alcohol, tea (other than green tea), saturated fats and carbohydrates (or simply said sugar) is better.
Is consuming coffee beneficial to cellulite reducing or not is still a big debate, where all the opposite opinions could be heard. For sure, caffeine is used in many anti cellulite creams (like for example Sesderma Celulex Anti-Cellulite Cream), as well as coffee is used in many cellulite home remedies.

All in all, your altogether consumption should be around 75 % of fruits, vegetables and cereals, while the rest could be meat, eggs, fish and fruits like almonds, walnuts, peanuts...

You must exercise regularly! You can make plenty of excuses, but even if they're all summed up together and multiplied with 42, they wouldn't make up an excuse enough. If you have no extra time to go to gym don't watch TV either, or you could cycle on something like this Elliptical Cross Trainer with Computer while watching TV.

The power of massage. Other than taking massages from professionals, you can give yourself a massage also. It's best to take shower with short, gentle massage and finnish it with cold water rinse up. This should help reducing cellulite as massage helps circulation and prevents cellulite accumulation.

Analise your daily routine - what are the things you should change to adopt more positive pattern - a pattern that helps you preventing and eliminating cellulite. Analyzing your daily habits will also make you see something you may not have hoped - that already you are doing a lot of the things from the list. Then, I hope, you'll understand that it is not really so hard at all to change your habits, and start reducing cellulite.

Once you become aware how much your own behavior influences the accumulation of cellulite it should become easier for you to understand that finally you are that same person that can make a choice, and stand for it, - continue with habits that are bad for our body, or try the opposite - do something good for your body.
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