Cellulite...? I'm only 17!

Q: I'm 17 and have a very small small small size cellulite on my inner thigh. Know of any remedies that work? Or anything?!

A: You don't have to worry about that amount of cellulite. Anyway, if you really want you could use these simple home remedies.

And, here's the list of food that helps fighting cellulite.

Another tip for you is to exercise. Practically anything that makes your legs move would do the trick: maybe you could try some new things that you'd also like and so exercise more than usual - for example take a dancing class.
But also running, jumping, swimming... would do it too.

One good small exercise at home is: stand close to the wall, push your back against the wall and just lower your body until you come into position similar to sitting "in air". Just try to be in that position as long as you can, say 3 minutes. Do it few times a days, every day. It'll make your thighs firmer.
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