What makes a good cellulite diet?

Experts claim that proper nourishment is a main solution for cellulite. So, what that means is that you should change your dietary habits to a more natural, healthier food.

This is what your diet should look like:

  • Balanced and proper nourishment rich with vitamins, minerals and fibers.
  • Liquid - 2,5 liters of water a day - to make the elimination of the toxins easier.
  • Avoid smoking, sweets, sugar added drinks and alcohol.
  • Avoid salt.
  • Blueberry and pineapple juice - especially recommended for those whose bodies seem to retain many liquid.
  • Consider consuming food additives - like multivitamins and minerals.
    • Especially those who contain extracts of birch-tree, marshmallow and ginkgo balboa - those improve substance transition, induce circulation and lymph drainage, and reduce fat.
    • Vitamin C induces creation of collagen, so the skin will be toned.
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