Best way to tone butt and make cellulite disappear

Q: What is the best way to tone my butt and make cellulite disappear?
Just wondering if anyone has a favorite butt toning exercise...or if anyone knows how to make cellulite disappear? I have heard that cellulite is genetic to a point...and I have tried a lot of exercises to tone up and make cellulite less noticeable, and I eat pretty healthy (with the exception of splurges now and than) but I still have this problem. Any suggestions would really help! Thanks!

A: One good small exercise at home is: stand close to the wall, push your back against the wall and just lower your body until you come into position similar to sitting "in air". Hold that position as long as you can, say 3 minutes. Do it few times a days, every day. It'll make your thighs firmer.

Also, check those anti cellulite home remedies.
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