Cellulite detox

There are many possible reasons for cellulite to appear. Besides the inherited affinity to accumulating cellulite, our habits play a huge role. What we do, eat, and even how we feel, may have affect.

There are some food that might be helpful for getting rid of cellulite, but it's also useful to know what food you should avoid to prevent cellulite.

Basically, you should avoid too sugary and too oily food. Everything super processed is bad. Deep fried - don't even think about it. List goes on, but I'm sure you catch my drift. :)

For the detox part, on one hand you have to reduce the input of said food, and on the other hand, you should try implementing as much fruit, vegetables, unrefined and even raw food.

Especially good for detox are teas (like green tea), but don't add sugar, use honey instead. Also, juiced fruit like grapefruit, oranges and lemons, (or all of them together!) are really great.

It's nice to make a "detox day" at least once a month. Menu for such day would tipicaly look like this:

Breakfast (in early morning)
Juiced grapefruit (pure, no sugar, lots!)
Yogurt (instead for looking at the supermarket for the low fat one, try your luck at farmers market with some home made organic yogurt)

Soup (just veggies, no pasta, no cream)
Raw salad (sprouts, avocado)
Juiced fruit

Dinner (at least few hours before you go to sleep)
Green tea with honey

During the day (between the meals)
Green tea (or some other kind) - few cups
Fruit - apples, pineapples, grape, citrus, ...
Raw vegetable - tomatoes, cucumber, celery, ... (anything that could be eaten raw)

This is just one example, you could try many variations. Also, remember - it is "detox day" - after one day of detoxification you should continue with a normal diet.
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