Cellulite diet - day 4

  • mango frappe - milk 1.5 dl, mango 100g
Between breakfast and lunch:
  • 40 g of dried fruit - apples, apricots, plums, pears...
  • vegetable soup
  • fish with cooked rice 40g
  • sauce: lemon juice 1 tbspn, salt, pepper, horse radish, dill, sour cream or yogurt 2 tbspns, tomato
*Vegetarian lunch:
  • soy and cooked vegetables instead of fish
Between lunch and dinner:
  • integral pastry
  • ham 20g
  • mustard, green salad
  • integral pastry
  • salad: champignon 150g, green salad 70g, white beans 100g, orange juice 3 tbspns, lemon juice 1 tbspn, olive oil 1 tbspn, garlic, salt, chili pepper
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