Exercises to get rid of cellulite on upper back thighs

Q: What exercise can I do to get rid of cellulite on my upper back thighs?
I already do a lot of cardio. I am 5"5' and I weigh about 110 lbs. I am pretty thin but I have always had cellulite. I do weigh training like lunges and squats but it doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions from personal experience?

A: Practically any exercise that makes your legs move. Maybe you could try some new things that you'd also like and so exercise more than usual - for example take a dancing class.
But also running, jumping, swimming... would do it too.

One good small exercise at home is: stand close to the wall, push your back against the wall and just lower your body until you come into position similar to sitting "in air". Hold that position as long as you can, say 3 minutes. Do it few times a days, every day. It'll make your thighs firmer.
You can do this frequently at home or in office.
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