Affordable ways to reduce cellulite

Q: Are there any affordable ways to reduce cellulite?
I realize cellulite is merely fat, but aren't there treatments that can help compress or smooth the appearance of cellulite? I am not overweight, and I exercise regularly. Other than dieting down from a size 6 to a size 1, aren't there any affordable products or home remedies that can help? It's not unbearably hideous, but it does make me reluctant to wear shorts in public.

Incidentally, I've tried cellulite creams, but most are too expensive for me to use on a daily/nightly basis. I've noticed that caffeine and seaweed are frequent ingredients in cellulite creams, however. Are there any home remedies involving caffeine that might help?

A: You've got it all right - the dieting (not starving!, but choosing wisely what to eat), exercising and using good, cheap and effective home remedies will help you to reduce cellulite.
You can find here:
Feel free to look around, and find even more useful advices. Good luck!
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