What helps reduce the appearance of cellulite?

Q: I'm a thin girl but I have cellulite and stretch marks and it makes me feel well not pretty and guys like air brushed barbie doll models and with my cellulite I'm the furthest thing from a beautiful model. People say that the cellulite creams don't work and I don't know what else to try I do yoga and I do work out and I have noticed a difference but if anyone knows something that may help me please let me know.

A: If you're mostly concerned about the appearance you should try massaging your thighs, and combination of hot-and-cold showers and massaging. Also, exfoliating and brushing your skin would help.
As you also have problem with stretch marks you should moisturize your skin regularly, at least once a day. Your skin is lacking vitamins E and C, and that's why the stretch marks have appeared.

As you already do work out, I can suggest you to try some natural home remedies for cellulite. Also, you may consider putting more of these foods that help fighting cellulite:
Or the anti cellulite diet:
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