Cellulite around belly

Q: How can i get rid of the cellulite around my belly? I'm not fat, at all. But I have gained a few pounds, and since I'm a small girl, it looks like more than it really is. Io, I like my other body parts with the weight, but how can I get rid of the little bit of cellulite I have in my belly area? I have been doing some dancing every morning. What else can I incorporate to my workout routine? I don't want products to buy. I want to know of exercises to do to help me get rid of it.

A: Removing cellulite from any area of your body is always the same, except for the exercises that are specialized for each part of your body. There is no specific exercise to remove cellulite from your belly, but working out the usual belly exercises should help reducing cellulite also.
To really remove cellulite it is not enough only to work the target area, but you should also look at your eating habits, avoid alcohol, smoking, stress, junk food... .

Also, there are some effective home remedies for reducing cellulite that you can make your self and use on targeted area.

It helps also to understand what cellulite really is in order to reduce it.
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