Daily routine in our cellulite battle!

There are so, so many advices and tips how to get rid of cellulite. I know what you're thinking - eat healthy, move your body, drink water, relax, massage... well, I know all those smart advices, but how to actually do them?! Well, that IS a tricky one. And, I'll try to help you organizing all of those in your anti cellulite daily routine.

Your morning hygiene includes shower, right? Well, take it few minutes more to gently massage your thighs. You can use special shower gels, like those with essential oils, peelings, scrub-aways and also some massagers. Now you did your massage. Massaging is good, as it helps blood and lymph circulation thus preventing the accumulation of cellulite, and even helps getting rid of some cellulite.

Go on to having a nice herbal tea, complex carbohydrate rich breakfast (like some cereals) and natural juice (vitamin C). All those food are helpful for getting rid of cellulite.

On your morning break eat a fruit like banana, apple, orange - even dried ones count! Also you can have another cereal bar, yogurt.
During the morning you should drink about half a liter of water. If you had your morning juice that means you should take two more glasses before lunch time.

During working time most women sit for the whole time. Every one hour or so take a small break (2 or 3 minutes at least) to stretch a little bit, as to improve your circulation. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes, as those make your blood and lymph circulation worse, and therefor cause cellulite accumulation.

Lunch time:

No matter how busy you are there are no excuses to eat junk food! Especially these days with loads of healthy food caterers. Be sure to consume enough, and various. Don't forget the water, or natural juice in sufficient amount (at least two glasses).
If your lunch break is longer than you need to eat take a little walk to a nearby park, or just spend some time on air.

Afternoon and evening:
Afternoons are helpful to get us ready for the next days - buy fruits, vegetables, prepare lunch for tomorrow.

You should spend at least half an hour walking, jogging, swimming or maybe join a dancing class? Physical activity is as beneficial for your cellulite battle as for your health.
The best way to make it become your routine is to sign in some aerobic or dancing club, or some sports. It could also be very helpful if you have a friend or a neighbor that would like to exercise with you - that way you would stimulate each other in doing it, and what's even more important - being regular at it.
Having a dog also should help, but don't take one just because of that, or if you're not sure that you have enough time for taking care of it.
If it's possible try spending some time in nature.

Don't eat too late, you should eat at least 3 hours before going to sleep. During the afternoon you should drink at least half a liter of water more.

Have a nice sleep, try eliminate everything that stops you from getting relaxed and rested. Avoid late shows and sleeping with TV on. Some argue that cellulite is caused by stressful way of living, so don't take this advice too easy.


Does it sound impossible? Not so much, I would say. Just look at this daily routine and you'll surely recognize that actually a lot of these things you're already doing, but maybe some of them you're doing the wrong way?
Just try keeping your good habits, and improve the ones you don't consider so good. Start your cellulite battle and new happy and healthy way of living now!
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