Simple as that - advices for getting rid of cellulite

> Drink
: Lack of water can cause or aggravate cellulite: It's recommended to drink 2 liters of water a day (approximately 8 glasses).
+ Herbal tea and a slice of lemon to detoxify your body will benefit you.
- Avoid as much tea (especially black tea), coffee and alcohol as you can - those cannot replace the water.

> Losing weight: May be effective if you have some extra weight. Check your index first, and make sure you really do overweight before starting a diet.
+ Diets at steady, sensible pace, averaging a pound or two a week.
- Crash-dieting shocks your body into trying to hold on to any fats and fluids it has left, much of which will be in your thighs - very bad for cellulite.

> Regular massage: It won't cure dimpling, but it does encourage blood circulation to cellulite-prone areas, which will improve its appearance.
+ Dry-brushing your whole body with a natural bristle brush every time you have a bath or shower, using strokes towards your heart to boost circulation.
Brushing stimulates both blood and lymphatic circulation, and the increased blood flow helps to bring more healing nutrients to help repair cellulite damage while the boost in lymphatic circulation means that toxins and waste products are cleared more quickly.
- Aggressive, hard massaging will not benefit you - cellulite is placed few millimeters under skin surface - there's no need to hard massaging.

> Exfoliate regularly: Skin cells become less active when trapped under 'dead' cells, so exfoliation helps to improve and maintain your skin's health and appearance by polishing away the dulling layer of dead cells that build up more quickly as skin ages.
+ Regular exfoliation improves the appearance of your skin - thus reducing the visibility of the cellulite.
- To often exfoliating could irritate your skin, or cause allergy.

> Adding three drops of geranium, juniper or rosehip oil to your bath is another easy way to improve your circulation.

> Moisturize to keep your skin supple, and so make the cellulite less visible.

> Physical activity: Get yourself moving because statistics show that you're far less likely to develop cellulite than those who don't.
+ Swimming is great for toning your thighs. But any good workout reduces your level of fat (good news), and stimulates that all-important blood flow (even better).

> Cut out refined sugar as much as you can.

> Anti cellulite cosmetic creams: a good aid on your way.
+ Help the appearance of cellulite. Caffeine is contained in almost every cellulite product that shows any benefit, because it helps blood flow to the skin and it works like a diuretic. In removing moisture from the skin, it firms it, albeit temporarily.
- Using a cellulite cream could make you forget about everything else you're supposed to do by yourself in getting rid of cellulite. Also, cellulite creams don't claim to banish cellulite completely.

Try making it yourself:

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