Causes of stretch marks and cellulite

Q: What are stretch marks and cellulite caused by?
I have a friend who is extremely skinny. She's 5.2" and weights 97 lbs but she has cellulite on the backs of her upper thighs and stretch marks on her buttocks and the backs of her knee. I don't get it. I'm 5.5" and I weight 120lb and we both don't work out and I don't have cellulite or stretch marks. I don't understand. I thought only people who gained a lot of weight rapidly got stretch marks like in pregnancies. She's too skinny, and she hates her legs. What could she do? Her mother who doesn't know she has this problem bought her a bunch of short shorts and she wants to wear them, but she wants to get rid of the cellulite and stretch marks. What can she do?
Btw, she does not have fatty foods or any red meats in her diets. she only eats vegetables, fruits, pastas and white meat.

A: Her skin lacks vitamins E and C. She should use a body cream or lotion for stretch marks prevention that are rich with vitamins. She can try making some home remedies, as well.
Stretch marks are there to stay, but could be less visible if treated with creams or lotions, of which specially good is cocoa butter based creams and lotions, or cocoa butter itself.
If the stretch marks go really bad she could recover her skin's appearance with laser treatments.

For cellulite removal she has many options. Here you can find many tips for getting rid of cellulite. Also, feel free to look around, there are many useful articles, tips and advices around here.
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