Best way to get rid of cellulite on your thighs

Q: What's the best way to get rid of cellulite on your thighs?
It's bathing suit season, and I have cellulite. I've tried the creams and lotions for skin smoothing--they don't work.
I work 12 hour days sitting at a computer 5 days a week. I'm pretty exhausted when I get home, so I've had a hard time being motivated to workout. I'm about 20 lbs overweight, I know, but I was wondering if there were any simple exercises that target the thigh area, specifically to tone and flatten that cellulite. I want to wear my bikini confidently--not covered by a pair of long shorts... Any suggestions? Advice? Help?

A: Practically any exercise that makes your legs move would be good for you. Maybe you could try some new things that you'd like and so exercise more than usual - for example take a dancing class.
But also running, jumping, swimming... would do it too.

One good small exercise at home is: stand close to the wall, push your back against the wall and just lower your body until you come into position similar to sitting "in air". Just try to be in that position as long as you can, say 3 minutes. Do it few times a days, every day. It'll make your thighs firmer.

Also, look at this article, it gives you advices how to put your anti cellulite routine in a busy schedule.
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